Private Chef Sample Week Menus

Villas & Yachts




Lunch Starters:

• Chilled avocado soup, chopped onion, cilantro, green tomato & tabasco

• Octopus salad, warm potato, capers, olives, lime juice, red onion & parsley

• Endive, apple, celery, walnut & blue cheese salad

• Ricotta, prociutto & mozzarella salad, cherry tomato, chicory, arugula & pine nut

• Périgourdine salad: confit duck gizzards, dried duck breast, duck confit, walnut, raspberry, Batavia salad, corn, baked cherry tomato, croutons, raspberry dressing

• Niçoise salad with grilled tuna (lettuce, tomato, broad bean, cucumber, green bell pepper, spring onion, artichoke, hard-boiled egg, black olives, basil & anchovies)

• Beetroot, arugula & cashew nuts with ricotta dressing



Lunch Main Courses: 

• Chicken “Paella” de Valencia with fava beans

• Grilled Chicken and Shrimp Cesar Salad: served with garlic croutons, cesar dressing, parmesan shapes & lemon wedges

• Beef burger: ciabatta, red onion, honey-tomato sauce, arugula & capers, purple potato fries, sea salt flower

• Veal falafel & cucumber-yogurt sauce, vegetables curry & quinoa

• Pan-fried salmon filet, apple, cashew & red onion salad, mint & cilantro

• Beef skewer with lemon & red onion, Greek salad (Feta cheese, cucumber, red onion, tomato, black olive...)

• Codfish filet crusted with pistachio pesto, roasted cherry tomato, asparagus & broccoli, whole wheat couscous


Lunch Desserts :

• Strawberry-ginger crumble, violet flower ice cream, mint

• Poached pear & orange segments verrine, white chocolate sauce, almond tuile

• Watermelon & melon balls perfumed with rose water & mint

• Orange segment and star anis salad, crispy mint leafs

•  Strawberry, lemon Chantilly, raspberry coulis, mint, shortbread cookie, lemon zest

• Apricot Panacotta, grilled almonds




Dinner Starters:

• Royal sea bream tartare, Apple-kiwi, curry dressing, red onion pickles

• Healthy Godji berry Gazpacho

• Deep-fried coconut shrimp served with apricot-pepper jam

• Eggplant rolled ricotta and spinach in fresh tomato sauce

• Spicy Cuban black bean soup, sour cream and cilantro

• Mahi-Mahi Ceviche Tahitian style: marinated with lime, coconut milk, carrot & parsley, served with lettuce, tomato & cucumber

• Figs salad with prosciutto, walnut, rucola, pear & honey



Dinner Main Courses:

• Grilled Tuna steak stuffed with anchovies & garlic, tomato-oregano garnish, Feta & black olive mash potatoes

• Seabass Meunière, lemon butter sauce, green asparagus, braised fennel, tomato compote

• Braised Monkfish with Fourme d’Ambert cheese & white grapes sauce, Tortellini nero & roasted butternut

• Royal sea bream filet, star anis flavoured shrimp creamy sauce, quinoa-tomato-basil

•  Squid ink risotto, mascarpone, pecorino, yellow zucchini & gambas, Espelette chilli pepper, parmesan tuile

• Duck breast, caramelized turnip, polenta, kale, raspberry sauce, salad mix

• Lamb & prunes "tagine", Tabbouleh (parsley, cherry tomato, red onion, cucumber, bell pepper, mint & bulgur)



Dinner Desserts:

• Half-baked chocolate cake, vanilla custard

• Crêpes flambé "Suzette" (orange & Grand Marnier), orange snow 

• Raspberry-white chocolate Tiramisu

• Ricotta almond caramel & amaretto verrine

• Pear & hazelnut crumble

• Apple tart "Tatin", vanilla ice-cream

• Lime flavored Cheesecake, strawberry coulis




Lunch Starters:

• Godji berry-ginger-watermelon Gazpacho

• Carrot cappuccino, orange chantilly

• Prosciutto & mozzarella salad, chicorée, arugula, pine nuts…

• Beef carpaccio, rucola, olive oil, capers, red onion

• Vegetable Falafel & cucumber-yogurt sauce

• Ricotta, pistachio, honey, rucola & olive oil

• Bresaola & fennel marinated



Lunch Main Courses:

• Salmon & tuna Chirashi

• Beef filet tartar with Parmesan cheese, truffle oil & arugula

• Vitello Tonato

• Grilled Shrimp Kebab, Tomato-basil-olive oil sauce, grilled almonds

grilled Vegetables & Quinoa

• Chicken burger: ciabatta, red onion slices, tomato paste, arugula & capers

• Veal braised accompanied by béarnaise flavored potato puree & grilled fennel

• Grilled Chicken breast with couscous, roasted cherry tomato, olives, crumbled feta & Basil leafs



Lunch Desserts:

• * Strawberry-cream tart

• Strawberry & light vanilla cream verrine

• Pistachio cake, chocolate cinnamon fudge

• Fruit’s skewer, honey & grilled almonds

• Red berry crumble

• Cream free chocolate mousse

• Peach & almond milk sticky rice




Dinner Starters:

• Mexican corn soup

• Asparagus & crab meat soup

• Goat Cheese salad: mixed lettuce, tomato, goat cheese toast, almonds, chives & honey dressing

• Green Asparagus salad with mascarpone quenelle, perfumed with white truffle

• Salmon Thai salad (apple, red onion, cashew, mint & cilantro)

• Squid Tempura

• Cheese ravioli in butter and sage sauce

• Roasted veal filet carpaccio, eggplant cream & lemon oil



Dinner Main Courses:

• Baked chicken filet prosciutto saltimbocca, gnocchi alla Napolitana (porcini & mascarpone sauce)

• Veal braised accompanied by his jus, polenta & stuffed mushroom

• Duck breast, caramelized turnip, polenta, baked green cabbage, raspberry sauce, salad mix

• Chicken breast ballotine, artichoke-tomato-tarragon, black rice & vegetables Tian (eggplant, zucchini, tomato)

• Tagine “Royale” with mutton, chicken breast, spicy sausages, almond, honey & cilantro

• Beef filet grilled on the barbecue, Béarnaise sauce & scallop potato gratin

• Grilled Lamb marinated, bell pepper, tomato skewers served with mint-raisins tabouleh


Dinner Desserts:

• Crunchy walnut meringue & coffee cream

• Pear & hazelnut crumble

• Black cherry-chocolate tart, vanilla sauce

• Lemon pie, raspberry coulis

• Pistachio ice cream, nuts & honey

• Figs & black cherry gratinated with Champagne sabayon

• Raspberry Financiers, Pistachio ice cream





Lunch Starters

• Melon & mint gazpacho

• Green gazpacho (celery, concombre, avocado, lime, granny smith, parsley)

• Buratta mango

• Prosciutto & Caprese salad: tomato, mozzarella di bufala, basil, olive oil, pine nuts, chicorée, arugula, pine nuts…

• Greek salad (cucumber, red onion, tomato, feta cheese, oregano, basil, olive, capers)

• Thaï beef & mint salad with mixed lettuce, tomato, ginger-soy & sesame seeds

• Mexican salad (red bean, grilled corn, tomato, grilled red onion, jalapeno, lime, cilantro)



Lunch Main Courses

• Chicken Milanese & Penne di Parma with olive oil, chopped garlic, parsley & Parmesan cheese

• Beef skewer with lemon & red onion, barley salad

• Shrimp Caesar Salad

• Grilled tuna filet, tomato-capers-olive oil sauce, roasted eggplant

• Salmon filet crusted with pistachio pesto, roasted cherry tomato, asparagus & whole wheat couscous

• Lobster Ceviche with pineapple, lime, red onion, tomato, bell pepper, cilantro & Cholula sauce (spicy sauce)

• Shrimp Panko, vegetables tempura



Lunch Desserts:

• Healthy blue berry-raspberry-ginger smoothie

• Caramelized pear, butter shortbread, mascarpone mousse, hard nougat powder

• Piña colada trifle (pineapple jelly, dice pineapple, coconut custard & biscuit)

• Fruits skewer, white chocolate sauce, violets flowers jelly

• Watermelon slice, pizza style

• Pear "belle-Helene" (poched warm pear, vanilla ice cream, hot chocolate sauce, whipped cream & grilled almonds

• Banana “Split” (banana, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream & grilled almonds)





Dinner Starters:

• White asparagus soup, parmesan shapes & garlic croutons

• Rock lobster bisque, garlic croutons & aioli

• Tuna tartare with figs & roast sweet pepper, walnuts dressing

• Salmon tartar with red onion, lemon & fresh herbs

• Grilled scallops & fennel salad, orange & hazelnut

• Chicken satay skewers, peanut dressing

• Potato-sweet peas samosa, curry-yogurt sauce



Dinner Main Courses:

• Chicken green Thai curry, Thai rice, steamed vegetables (broccoli, pak choi, soybean) perfumed with sesame oil & seeds, soy sauce

• Monk fish "meuniere", pilaw rice & asparagus

• Baked sea bass filet, kiwi & curry sauce, black rice & carrots

• Whole dorado baked with rock salt, roasted vegetables, garlic mayo

• Chicken & serrano "cordon bleu" with gruyere cheese, alfredo sauce & tortellini

• Grilled beef tenderloin topped with pan-fried goose liver, porcini mushroom risotto, arugula & pecorino, served with black truffle oil on the side

• Duck legs confit, Gratin Dauphinois (creamy scallops’ potatoes), green bean rolled with bacon, salad mix



Dinner Desserts:

• Creme caramel, almonds biscuits

• Pineapple carpaccio served with a mint caramel

• Vanilla pod sponge layer cake, strawberry coulis

• Spirulina cheesecake, honey glaze

• * Peach Nigiri, chocolate sauce

• The famous "baked Alaska" vanilla, chocolate, coffee, flamed with Cognac

• Spicy chocolate cake, “crème anglaise”




Lunch Starters:

• Classic Gazpacho

• Pineapple, cucumber, cilantro gazpacho

• Thai Grapefruit salad

• Shrimp & avocado cocktail, Mango pico de gallo

• Green vegetables salad (asparagus, broccoli, spring onion, avocado, cucumber, green leafs, zebra tomato)

• Chinese cabbage salad with soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, cashew & fried onion

• Gratinated pear, pecorino cheese, honey & almond



Lunch Main Courses:

•  Grilled beef filet, potato gratin, green beans & garlic-parsley butter

• Roast salmon sesame seeds, black tortellini & grilled green asparagus, prune sauce

• Veal carpaccio with hazelnut, rucola & mandarine

• Shrimp & salmon with tomato-red bell pepper coulis, conchiglie pasta with bacon, asparagus, cream & parmesan cheese

• Grilled shrimp kebab, tomato-basil-olive oil sauce, grilled almonds, grilled vegetables & quinoa

•  Veal Milanese, tomato basil capers, hard boiled eggs, gratinated pasta

• Enchilladas : Tortillas, ground beef cumin, grilled bell pepper, red bean mash, grilled red onion, grilled corn, cheese, lime juice, cilantro


Lunch Desserts:

• Mango “Kalina” (mango, coconut ice cream, passion fruit coulis, whipped cream & grilled almonds)

• Pineapple “Belle Cindy” (poached pineapple, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, grilled almonds & mint)

• "Marasca" (cherry, vanilla & pistaccio ice cream & mint)

• Chocolate “Kulfi”

• Iced nougat with dry exotic fruits & Malibu, pineapple or mango coulis

• Tapioca, coconut milk, black beans, grilled sesame seeds

• Limoncello cream & red berries verrine




Dinner Starters:

• Thai vegetables soup with red curry

• Shrimp “tartar” with peanuts & cilantro

• Salmon tartar with dattes, sesame seeds, walnut oil & sweet peppers

• Langoustines bisque served with garlic croutons, rouille & Emmenthal cheese

• Veal "tartare" (broad beans, pesto, pine nuts, rucola, parmesan)

• Cured Duck filet carpaccio, walnut dressing, rucola & pine nuts

• Fish rillettes with garlic & dill



Dinner Main Courses:

• Surf & Turf & garam masala butter, mash zucchini & baked sweet potato

• Shrimp “Moquecca” (coconut milk, red bell peppers, onion, cilantro, garlic & annatto paste)

• Baked Codfish filet with avocado oil, mash carrot-cumin, mix salad with avocado & blueberry

• Seabass, dorado… oven baked with rock salt

• Smoked salmon, spinash & pancetta lazagna

• Braised tender Duck leg, mash potatoes & grilled vegetables

• Grilled veal rib, porcini mushroom risotto, arugula & pecorino



Dinner Desserts:

• Chocolate tart, mint sauce

• Red berries Pavlova

• Chocolate cake, salted caramel ice cream

• Pear, honey & pistachio crumble

• Apricot tart, honey & lime crème patissière

• Lemon mousse, strawberry muffins

• Tiramisu