My Rates

For services: Breakfast, Lunch, Aperitif, Diner, shopping...

My rates start from 168 € for a 4 hours service.


 Or: 42 €/hour for 10 hours, overtime is charged at 25%, or 52.50 €/hour.



Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Eve are increased to +100%.



Each estimate is made taking into account various elements: (setting up menus, travel time, morning visit to your home to discover the place & raising funds for shopping, setting up, cooking & cleaning, and depending on the type of service, number of services, the number of people, specific food, distance...etc....etc...


Each quote is personalized.



Watch out!!! I operate in the same way as home office placement agencies, Groceries and drinks are not included in the quote, I would shop according to the type of budget you will grant and your favorite stores (groceries, organic fruits & vegetables, supermarkets...) with your bank card or cash if you prefer.


Additional Services:

Beyond 4 people, for your convenience I can call on a collaborator to ensure the dressing of the table, the service of food and drinks as well as the disposal and storage.


Enjoy your guests and bon appétit !


Chef Tristan