Private Chef Services

A service for unforgettable events!

From 2 to 8 people for seated meals served by the chef

From 6 to 20 people for buffets and barbecues (self-service)

 The home chef, a personalized service of quality to impress your guests:


After many years in the traditional restaurant and hotel business, since 1999 I have followed a private cooking career in the yachting and villas business. I know how to adapt quickly in all situations, with discretion and professionalism.


Based between Cannes and Grasse, I travel to the region, France and abroad to accompany you on your various occasions. 



Do you want to impress your guests, but at the same time you want to take care of them without constraints?


  I manage the entire meal and adapt to your requirements and tastes. You get to enjoy your guests, just like in the restaurant.


Several menus are available but you can also request an à la carte menu, each quote is personalized according to the number of guests and the menu chosen.


Fresh and local products are favoured, as well as organic products.


From start to finish, everything is designed to make your meal a pleasant and convivial moment.


The home chef service, how does it work?


Order preferably at least 72h hours in advance.


I am at your disposal in other to determine your needs and to choose a menu taking into account any allergies and dietary constraints.


I will send you a quote, if it suits you, you return it signed and pay a deposit of 40% of the total amount to confirm your order for the service, the balance will be paid at the latest on the day of the service.


I am coming to meet you at your home to take stock of your kitchen equipment, your dishes, the organization of the service and begin to familiarize myself with the place.




The chef’s service package is 180 euros, plus the chosen menu.

What is included:


- Travel up to 20 km around my home (beyond that, a surcharge based on current rates will be added to the quote)


- The design of customs menus,


- The shopping,


- Preparations of ingredients and recipes on site (variable according to the chosen service, on average 3h before the service, then the time of service),


- Training and serving dishes up to 8 guests (I can come with a waiter but you can also handle it if you prefer)


- Cleaning: the kitchen will be left as clean as when I arrived and the next morning you will find your clean dishes in the washing machine.




For your aperitif, I also propose in the section «Buffets & Appetizers dinatoires», an assortment of small salty bites at 5,00€ for 7 pieces per person.


Drinks are not included in the quotation, however I can advise you on the choice of wines unless you prefer the services of a butler-sommelier.



Enjoy your guests and enjoy your meal!


Chef Tristan